Going forward, each week we will be picking out a bCaster (there are now over 700 awesome podcasters using our software!) and sharing their work with the community...

I will also share product updates as and when they go live, we have a few big ones happening in the next few days :)

This week, we focus in on Stewart Hillhouse of Top Of Mind - welcome Stewart!

Why did you start your podcast?

To connect with and learn from marketers at the top of their game.

What has been the best thing about running your podcast?

Learning from experts in different areas of marketing to see what it takes to be top of mind in their industry.

Who is your perfect listener and how do you help them?

A marketing practitioner who wants actionable and tactical tips to bring to their work. Anyone who's tired of hearing from the same marketing influencers and wonders what their peers are thinking about.

Have you made a profit from your podcast? If not, do you plan too?

No money directly, but it has lead to job offers, freelance contracts, 30+ new friends, and a humble audience.

What is your favourite thing about podcasting?

The compounding effect it has on your personal and professional growth. It's a simple activity, but if you can consistently show up and deliver value to your people, it will open up doors you never knew existed.

Check out Stewart and his podcast here:

Thanks for sharing Stewart - your design, guests and Linkedin promo work is off the chain, we can't wait to see you grow :)

Thanks for being part of the revolution!