And we're back again this week with another bCaster of the week...

This week, it's Fab Giovanetti with the Make An Impact Show  - welcome Fab!

Let's get into it...

Why did you start your podcast?

We started our podcast because we wanted to share stories from our members and people we respect in the industry. The value of the stories is what keeps our listeners connected. Yet, the deeper you can go in understanding who your audience is, the deeper connection you’ll create with them.

What has been the best thing about running your podcast?

I have a background as a music journalist, and I loved interviewing people, so being able to do that more these days has been incredibly rewarding! I seriously love it.

Who is your perfect listener and how do you help them?

Our listener is a creative looking to kick off their brand and business, maybe a side hustler, looking to turn their expertise and passion for content into more than a dream. They want to positively impact others with their content.

Have you made a profit from your podcast? If not, do you plan too?

Not yet, really. Our main idea when it comes to profit is to heighten brand awareness and drive traffic to our website, raise our profile and get people more interested in what we do!

What is your favourite thing about podcasting?

The sharing and exchanging value element. A great host should be able to allow guests to open up and share part of their very own journey and provide value without realising they have been guided to do so.

Check out Fab and her podcast here:

Thanks for sharing Fab - love your energy and vibe on the show... and we're proud to have you on bCast :)

Thanks for being part of the revolution!