Going forward, each week we will be picking out a bCaster (there are now over 700 awesome podcasters using our software!) and sharing their work with the community...

I will also share product updates as and when they go live, we have a few big ones happening in the next few days :)

This week, we focus in on Rock Your Retirement - welcome Kathe!

Let's get into it...

Why did you start your podcast?

So many people think that retirement is all about money.  It's not.  

I wanted to think through the non-financial aspects of retirement.  This includes the six pillars of retirement which are:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Significant Other
  3. Friendship
  4. Purpose (in life)
  5. Family
  6. Health

What has been the best thing about running your podcast?

I've meet many wonderful people over the years who have opened my eyes to different lifestyles in retirement.

Who is your perfect listener and how do you help them?

My perfect listener is 62 years old, already planned financially, and retiring within 2-5 years.

Have you made a profit from your podcast? If not, do you plan too?

I've profited by all the new friends I've made on the show.

What is your favourite thing about podcasting?

I love it when someone emails me and tells me that the show has made a positive impact in their life.

Check out Kathe and her podcast here:

Thanks for sharing Kathe - your passion for the niche is profound and we can't wait to see you grow :)

Thanks for being part of the revolution!